patientRegistry is the Master Patient Index component of Leafsprout's Digital Health Suite. It acts as the registrar of patient identifiers and patient demographics pertaining to individuals residing in a given geographic region (e.g., state, province, country), belonging to the same health organization/system or associated with a set of hospitals/clinics that are sharing information about patients. The registry automatically reconciles and links different versions of patient demographics and different identifiers which exist in various hospitals/clinics within the region or in different clinical information systems within an enterprise. For example, the Registry can recognize the fact that Liz Browne ID=654217 in Hospital A is the same person as Elizabeth Browne ID=33765 in Hospital B, Elizabeth Brown ID=DZ3345 in the EMR System, and Elisabeth Brown ID= 654-L4V in the Clinic.

The result is a clean and trusted index of patient data which contributes to the patient safety, enhances the quality of care and ultimately reduces the cost of healthcare delivery.


  • Patient cataloging service for an enterprise, group of enterprises or a geographic region.
  • Automatically generates global identifiers for all managed patients.
  • Optionally, receives global identifiers and authoritative demographics from an external system like a government database or a health insurer's client database.
  • Feeds clinical registries, like Leafsprout's docRegistry, or similar external systems, with information about known patients and any changes to them, e.g., merges, updates, relinking patient records.
  • Contains a built-in search engine for expediency of fuzzy searches and scalability.
  • Incorporates a variety of algorithms (e.g., phonetic matching, weight-based matching, Damerau-Levenshtein distancing, and other) for deciding whether two different patients are the same person.
  • Accepts all standard HL7 character sets in patient identity feeds and queries, including Unicode.
  • Highly secured, including encryption, node authentication, and auditing that exceed the requirements of the IHE ATNA Profile.
  • Accompanied by a Web-based administrative tool as well as a Web-based Quality Assurance Manager for manual overrides, reviews and updates of all patient data.
  • Compliant with the IHE PIX Manager and PDQ Supplier actors.
  • Supports HL7v2 and HL7v3 messaging as input and output.
  • Can manage thousands of different Patient Identity Domains.
  • Provides software notification services to selected clients interested in updates of patient identifiers within a given domain.