Leafsprout's imageView is an HTML5 enterprise viewing platform that allows clinicians real-time access to imaging exams from anywhere and on any device.

  • True zero-footprint viewer: patient information never stored on any device.
  • Lossless (higher bandwidth) or lossy (lower bandwidth) image viewing configurable per user.
  • Fluid GUI design to support large monitors and mobile devices.
  • Wide range of web browsers supported.

    Sample screenshots (anonymized data):

  • Complete imaging history of the patient from all connected PACS or VNA systems.
  • Support for third-party plug-ins, including 3D and AI analysis packages.
  • Support for Grayscale and Color Presentation States (layered graphical and textual annotations, overlays, lookup tables, shutters, pan/zoom, etc).
  • Support for DICOM Key Image Notes.
  • Display of DICOM PDF Documents and Structured Reports (SRs).
  • Comprehensive handling of multi-frame images, including cine loops and multi-frame CTs and MRs.

    Sample screenshots (anonymized data) - continued :