imageGateways are products targeted at imaging environments and are offered in the following two flavors:

Exam Publisher - interfaces with existing RIS and PACS systems in order to expose imaging reports and studies in the network of facilities/enterprises. It also makes the local PACS visible to the rest of the network by providing a standard HTTP-based interface to the studies residing in the PACS.
Exam Prefetcher - automatically prefetches relevant remote prior imaging exams and reports (for a locally scheduled exam) from the network into local PACS system.

  • Enables RIS and PACS systems to participate in XDS-I-based information exchange as full-fledged XDS-I Document Sources. (Publisher)
  • Provides web access to imaging (DICOM) studies via WADO and IHE RAD-69 standards. (Publisher)
  • Publishes diagnostic imaging reports as well as images (via XDS-I manifests) into XDS repositories and the XDS registry. (Publisher)
  • Prefetches relevant prior exams aquired anywhere in the network into the local PACS system. (Prefetcher)
  • Translates all terminology (e.g., procedure codes, body parts, etc.) from local to global/regional nomenclature (Publisher) and back (Prefetcher).
  • Supports manual/ad-hoc fetching of patient imaging exams by exposing a Web GUI with a list of known exams in any of the connected enterprises/PACS systems (Prefetcher).
  • Generates comprehensive audit trails for all incoming and outgoing requests as required by IHE profiles. (Publisher and Prefetcher)

  • XDS-enables your clinical information systems or PACS with little effort.
  • Preserves and leverages past investments by working with the existing systems instead of replacing them.
  • Improves performance of the diagnostic cycle by sharing results (Lab, Imaging, etc.) with the referring physician, specialist, etc. as soon as they become available.
  • Facilitates collaborative patient care by making clinical results - generated anywhere in the network - visible to all stakeholders involved in patient's care.
  • Reduces unnecessary tests and improves patient outcomes by incorporating diagnostic results into the patient health record.