docVault is the clinical document storage and archiving component of Leafsprout's Digital Health Suite. As a fully-featured IHE XDS Document Repository Actor, docVault accepts clinical documents from a wide range of clinical information systems (e.g., HIS, RIS, CIS, LIS, PACS), registers the documents in the indexing system (docRegistry), and securely stores them for future retrievals.

  • Regional-level scalability. With support for 1024 storage units, a single docVault can serve the needs of a department/enterprise as well as a regional health network. Multiple instances of docVault can be combined for even greater scalability.
  • Support for block-level (SAN), file level (NAS), and object-level (Object Storage Systems) storage units.
  • Co-location of documents in a particular storage unit based on the documents' sources. This functionality allows for physical separation of documents in the storage layer by department or healthcare facility.
  • Built-in data replication to configurable number of local or remote storage units (a.k.a. storage replicas). This ensures multiple copies of each object.
  • Encryption of clinical documents independent of the storage vendor layer encryption.
  • Optional compression of all content or specific types of content (based on mime type).
  • Digital signing of all stored content to facilitate detection of data tampering.
  • Flexible access authorization policies for submitters and consumers of documents.
  • Comprehensive audit trails generated for all incoming and outgoing requests.
  • Configurable set of accepted document types (based on mime types).
  • Online, Offline, Read-only storage unit states to facilitate administration.
  • Built-in transactional storage manager. docVault will make documents visible to consumers only after they have been successfully registered in the Document Registry.
  • Accompanied by a comprehensive web-based administrative tool.