docRegistry is the central document cataloging component of Leafsprout's Digital Health Suite. It acts as a registrar of health records for patients in a particular healthcare enterprise, or residing in a given geographic region (e.g., state, province, country), or associated with a set of affiliated institutions that are sharing clinical content.

The Registry facilitates discovery of patient data existing on all connected clinical systems anywhere within the enterprise/region. It utilizes IHE-approved software interfaces and protocols.


  • Indexes all health records stored within a variety of systems (e.g., EHR, PACS, RIS, CIS) within an enterprise or multiple enterprises.
  • Compliant with the IHE XDS profile's Document Registry actor.
  • Extends basic features of an XDS Registry with support for multi-patient queries, document metadata updates and deletes, patient identifier changes based on source patient id, etc.
  • Easily aligns with enterprise data retention policies. With its built-in support for deletion, including soft and hard deletion, docRegistry can ensure that clinical content remains in the system for no less and no more time than legally required.
  • Works with Leafsprout's patientRegistry and other IHE PIX Manager-compliant MPI systems.
  • Can operate without the PIX Manager when a global patient identification scheme has been established and adopted by a healthcare enterprise, e.g., a national health number assigned to each person.
  • Implements SAML-based IHE Cross Enterprise User Assertion profile (XUA), facilitating environments with federated user identity.
  • Supports user-defined security policies (e.g., for access to VIP records) via its built-in XACML Security Policy Enforcement engine. As a result, only the documents that a user is authorized to see are returned in queries.
  • Integrates with external terminologies for various vocabularies and codes (e.g., procedure codes, confidentiality codes, etc).
  • Highly secured, including encryption, node authentication, and auditing that exceed the requirements of the IHE ATNA Profile.
  • Accompanied by a comprehensive web-based administrative tool.