auditTrail is an IHE ATNA-compliant central audit repository which accepts and stores audit records originating from various IT systems in the enterprise/region.

  • Centralizes the storage and administration of audit records for a group of enterprises.
  • Provides a variety of perspectives on the collected audit records:
    - patient perspective: who accessed information for a given patient, when and from where;
    - user perspective: which patients have been accessed by a given user, when and from where);
    - system perspective: which users have been logged onto a given system and which patients have they accessed and when);
    - document perspective: who accessed the document (e.g., blood test results) or imaging study (identified by Study Instance UID or Accession#).
  • Improves HIPAA compliance.
  • Based on well-thought-out, peer-reviewed standards for healthcare audit trails (as opposed to home-grown, ad-hoc approaches to auditing).
  • Supports integration with third-party audit repositories by optionally forwarding audit events to them.
  • Highly secure communication, including encryption and digital certificate-based node authentication.
  • Accompanied by a comprehensive web-based administrative tool.