docVault is the clinical document storage and archiving component of Leafsprout's Digital Health Suite. As a fully-featured IHE XDS Document Repository Actor, docVault accepts clinical documents from a wide range of clinical information systems (e.g., HIS, RIS, CIS, LIS, PACS), registers the documents in the central XDS Registry, and subsequently persists them in its permanent storage for future retrievals.


  • Regional-level scalability. With support for 128 storage units, a single docVault can serve the needs of a department/enterprise as well as a regional health network. Multiple instances of docVault can be combined for even greater scalability.
  • Co-location of documents in a particular storage unit based on the documents' sources. This functionality allows for physical separation of documents in the storage layer by department or healthcare facility.
  • Encryption of clinical documents independent of the storage vendor layer encryption.
  • Flexible access authorization policies for submitters and consumers of documents.
  • Comprehensive audit trails generated for all incoming and outgoing requests.
  • Configurable set of accepted document types (based on mime types).
  • Online, Offline, Read-only storage unit states to facilitate administration.
  • Built-in transactional storage manager. docVault will make documents visible to consumers only after they have been successfully registered in the Document Registry.
  • Accompanied by a comprehensive web-based administrative tool.

Technical details:

  • Supports VMware and Hyper-V virtualization environments.
  • Designed for deployments in server farms.
  • Also available as a component embeddable into departmental or regional document sources (e.g., integrated Document Source / Document Repository systems).
  • Exposes both synchronous and asynchronous Web access points.