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Leafsprout Technologies Inc. is dedicated to the development of software solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of regional and national healthcare systems. We are deeply engaged in various standards development bodies that are relevant to this space, e.g., IHE, HL7, DICOM, Canada Health Infoway.

Our team is led by individuals who bring expertise from a broad set of domains that span the healthcare technology field. We believe that continuous innovation is the primary source of sustained growth and prosperity for any technology company – not to mention that this is where we derive the fun and wow that make our working days a pleasure.


Leafsprout was founded in 2007 as a professional services firm providing consulting and product development services to companies in the healthcare technology space. Leafsprout has been privileged to work in this capacity with some of the most prominent medical device companies, for whom it has quietly helped design many novel and next-generation products. The launch of Leafsprout's Digital Health Suite marked the transition of the company's focus from services to products.